"Now this is hot graphic identity isn't it Zack?  Whoo hoo. YOU have oozey talent. I love how you see and make me a fellow color shape dreamer. ;)

"Christine O'Leary,Comedian

zack forbes

Creative Director


Jacksonville, Florida, United States   |  +1.7275428656  |  zack@gifcolors.com

MIssion statement

Zack Forbes has multiple degrees including an AS is Commercial Design, a BS in Computers and a MA in business administration.  Zack has over ten years experience in advertising and marketing of companies through .gifCOLORS and other companies he has worked for. Also he has over ten years managing people. Zack is committed to not only creating a successful design for you but also successfully marketing it. Zack will handle the advertising of your company after the graphic design is complete if you want.

.gifCOLORS is a full-service marketing and promotions company designed to actualize the essence of business, by creating mutually beneficial relationships to satisfy and exceed customer expectations as effectively and efficiently as possible. 

Our commitment to you

We will start working on your project as soon as we receive your logo request. Changes can be applied to your chosen logo, until you are 100% satisfied. Any ideas you have for your logo let your design specialist know.  All the rights of the Artwork and Logos we create for our customers belong to our customers

Quick download times for your websites. A professional server to ensure reliable 24/7/365 operation and excellent response times.
.gifCOLORS gives effective web page designs tailored to your specific objectives

Your corporate identity is important at all times.
We provide the best graphic skills to fit your budget.
Branding includes corporate logo design but is much more.
Corporate branding expresses your corporate identity.
Corporate branding reinforces your marketing communications.
Corporate branding shows how you want your business viewed.